Lisa R Nelson
Medical Informatics and Health Information Technology Consulting

Current Business Activities

Lisa Nelson is an independent consultant, focused on the development and implementation of standards for health information exchange. She specializes in applications of the Clinical Document Architecture (HL7 CDA R2) standard and is experienced with the development of electronic Clinical Quality Measures (eCQMs). Currently, she is a major contributor in the development of standards associated with Care Plan documents of all types and in the development of standards to represent Care Team members. Lisa is an HL7 Certified CDA Specialist. She holds an MS in Medical Informatics, an MBA with concentration in information systems, and a BA in Computer Science. Review select projects.

Lisa Nelson is founder of the Janie Appleseed Network, a non-profit organization providing education and services to promote consumer health literacy for the information age. The organization is working to give personal health record (PHR) technology a good start. It fosters patient empowerment and engagement with the aim of shifting focus from the treatment of illness to the promotion of wellness. Janie Appleseed Network is built on the belief that consumer involvement in HIT innovation will benefit the adoption and meaningful use of health information technology. Visit

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